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Online Conversions is the place where you can convert or calculate almost anything you want. You can calculate your PayPal fee, check the exchange rate of any currency, find the day of the week of a specific date, check if a number is a prime number, convert text to Morse code, calculate the one’s / two’s complement of a decimal number, generate meta tags for your website and much more.

This site is mobile friendly and it is optimized for all platforms and browsers with simple and easy to use interface. Finding a specific conversion is easy with our on-site search, the conversions are categorized and you can view all of them sorted alphabetically. Subscribe to our RSS feed and get an update once new conversions are added.

We keep updating the site with new conversions per your requests, and all of them are free for your usage and available online.


Online Conversions is a popular website with 5,000 daily visits, many of them are returning visitors, and it is ranked high in Google for many keywords.

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